Justice Now is a community organization whose main mission is to assist individuals and their families who have fallen victim, usually due to over-zealous and/or unethical conduct, to injustice at the hands of one or more of the following professionals:

  • Prosecutors
  • Police/Investigators
  • Expert witnesses
  • Judges
  • Social Workers

Justice Now was founded after years of trying unsuccessfully to correct the injustice in the case of John (Jack) Carroll, a Rensselaer County, NY, resident (case summary). Jack’s family and many supporters had grown tired of letting the normal, and painfully slow, channels of the legal system take its course. Equally as tiresome and concerning, was the flood of other sex-crime cases that were being tried, and virtually always won, by now (since 2003) District attorney, Patricia DeAngelis, the same prosecutor who had twice tried Jack Carroll.

Jack’s supporters were already suspicious of DeAngelis’ methods. They had seen in Jack’s case, how a vague dream by his step-daughter morphed into charges of rape and sexual abuse against him. They had noticed that only after police investigators and social workers got involved did the dream evolve into something more. In addition, Jack’s supporters were well familiar with the lies, spin, and manipulation of facts used by DeAngelis and other public officials in the courtroom. They had seen this conduct first-hand over the course of two trials, one in 1997, and another in 2001.

Their concern grew beyond Jack’s case. They developed a genuine concern that there were other cases of injustice in the county, or at the very least, that there might be others in the future.

So supporters of Jack Carroll came together to form this organization in an effort to begin to spread the word about the injustice in his case, as well as learn more about other questionable cases like his. The organization uses a number of methods to communicate to the general public, including a bi-weekly talk show called Justice Now, which airs on Public Access TV locally, a bi-monthly email newsletter, public speaking engagements, literature campaigns, and a variety of other methods.

And while Jack Carroll remains in prison, and continues to clear his name using the post-conviction process allowed for by law, Justice Now will see that his case, and others like it, is not forgotten by the public. Equally as important is to call attention to the elected officials and authorities who operate with a blind-eye toward justice.

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